Providing Hydrographic Imaging, 3D Modeling, Inspection and Survey


Providing Hydrographic Imaging, 3D Modeling, Inspection and Survey
Video, laser, sonar and ultrasonic thickness surveys of pipelines, dams, lakes, reservoirs and structures.
Search and recovery, as well as offshore inspection of pipelines, power lines, oil rigs, anchors and deployment targets.
Laser, acoustic and 3D photogrammetry modeling of pipes, structures and debris.
Bathymetric, LiDAR, volumetric and topographical survey applications.

Southern California Based Company with International Operations.

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About Us

Over 30 years of industry experience.
Pro-Rov Services, LLC specializes in Underwater Imaging, Inspection, 3D Modeling and Survey solutions for Infrastructure, Science and Government.

Our focus is determining the correct equipment and techniques for lowering of costs and risks to personnel and clients by completing underwater tasks in a variety of environments while providing the best possible results. This is accomplished through the use of ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), a variety of surface vessels, and a selection of sensors that are applied for the specific job.

We specialize in collecting, processing, and interpreting data collected through the use of ROVs, AUVs and top side vessels using a variety of remote sensing, sampling, laser, sonar, video imaging, leak detection and other proprietary investigation techniques. With the equipment sending data topside, operators, supervisors, engineers, scientists, technicians and clients can observe work being done side-by-side with the pilot and see data collection in real time.

Pro-Rov Services uses primarily the inspection and observation class ROVs, customized long distance ROVs, as well as other technological solutions including Imaging, Navigational, Pipe Profiling and Multibeam 2D & 3D Sonars, Cathodic potential probes, Digital Hydrophones, Underwater Video Cameras, Video Enhancement Systems, 3D Photogrammetry measuring and modeling, Leak Detection and other sensor platforms to properly complete the tasks at hand. AUVs are now a proven tool with many applications for both offshore and onshore imaging and inspections where depth and distance are considerations.

Insurance is of course a concern for all parties involved. Pro-Rov Services has $1 million General Liability policy with $1 million umbrella for a total of $2 million aggregate. Auto Insurance is also covered with a standard $2 million Property Damage and Bodily Injury policy. Additional insurance can be added if the situation dictates additional coverage.

    The Complete Package
  • Remote Operated Vehicles

    Available for long distance dry or wet pipe inspections.

  • Laser and Sonar Imaging

    Bathymetry, LiDAR, 3D modeling, and pipe profiling with ovality.

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurments

    Of pipe walls, valves and gates in real time.

  • Professional Deliverables

    In the form of technical report writing and data analysis services.

  • Courses and Certifications:
    • OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER

    • Post Emergency Spilled Oil Cleanup

    • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Training Program

    • Cal-OSHA Fall Protection GHS and OSHA Hazardous Communication

    • OSHA Confined Space Entry


The tools we use to accomplish your inspection and survey goals.

Pro-ROV Services has various remote operated vehicles to accomplish whatever your inspection needs may be whether dry or wet.

Tethers and Umbilicals

Whatever your pipeline distance or offshore operating depth may be, Pro-ROV Services has a solution to accomplish your goals.

Sensors and Support

Pro-ROV Services can get the data you need with laser, sonar and ultrasonic thickness measurement tools at our disposal.

Mobile Control Platforms

Whether on land or sea in remote locations, Pro-ROV Services can provide a safe and comfortable command center for all involved.

Veterans in the Field with a Reputation that Speaks for Itself.

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