Desal Tank Inspection

Pro-ROV Services, LLC  has been contracted by the Poseidon Water Company to inspect the curtains in the last desalination tank prior to entering the San Diego County Water Authority system.  The Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant is a 50 million gallon per day (56,000 acre-feet per year (AFY)) seawater desalination plant located adjacent to[…]

Dam Leak Inspection

Pro-ROV Services, LLC was contracted by San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) to perform a leak inspection along specific seams of the San Vicente Dam in Lakeside, CA.  The City of San Diego, in partnership with the San Diego County Water Authority, designed and built the dam raise project to ensure a six-month supply of[…]

Million Gallon Tank Inspection

Pro-ROV Services, LLC was contracted by Bay Area Tank & Coating and the City of Carmichael, CA to do an inspection of the million gallon Bajamount Clearwell Tank in Carmichael, CA.    The tank provides the cleaning and storage of the potable water for the city of Carmichael and surrounding area. Special attention was given to[…]

3D Multibeam Survey Concrete, WA.

Pro-ROV Services was contracted by Puget Sound Energy as part of a multi phase project to image and survey various parts of the Lower Baker Dam. In addition to Hydrophone testing, Bathymetric survey, ADCP survey, 3D Multibeam Sonar Imaging, the apron of the dam was inspected. To insure the best possible coverage and imaging possible[…]

2,000 Ft Inlet Cooling Pipe Inspection

Pro-ROV Services, LLC was contracted by a Mexican Commercial Diving company to perform inspection on the salt water Cooling Inlet Pipe for the natuarl gas power generation facility at Rosarito Beach in Northern Baja California, MEXICO. The pipe dimensions are 9-feet in diameter by over 2,000-feet long with several vertical shafts. The purpose of the[…]

Multibeam Sonar and Video Tracking, Cabinet Gorge, ID

Pro-ROV Services was contracted by Avista Corporation to inspect splitter wall and search for airplane debris in fore bay of Cabinet Gorge Dam in Idaho. Periodic inspection is required of the splitter wall in the plunge pool of the dam due to high flow rates of turbines and spill gates causing undercutting of the splitter[…]

Bathymetric and Lidar Surveys with Volumetric Analysis

Pro-ROV Services was contracted by the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) to collect high resolution bathymetric data of five reservoirs located in unincorporated Marin County, CA. The purpose of the bathymetric survey is to 1) create a 1 Ft. contour interval map and, 2) perform a volumetric analysis of the reservoir with the goal of[…]

Wyoming State Engineers Dam & Pipeline Inspections

  The Wyoming State Engineer’s Office contracted with Pro-ROV Services to conduct Video, Side Scan Sonar, Pipe-Profiling Sonar, and Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) measuring on 3 of it’s high-risk dams. A fourth dam was then added by the dam owner themselves since Pro-ROV was already in state which saved on travel expenses. The inspection with written[…]

La Plata 3D Dam Imaging

Pro-ROV Services was contracted by CH2M Hill Engineering for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewage Authority (PRASA).  The project was to provide specific imaging and measuring of areas of the La Plata Dam that is the principal source of water for San Juan, PR.  Over the years it has been noted that scouring has occurred[…]

Englebright Dam Trash Rack Inspection

Englebright Dam is a variable radius concrete arch dam on the Yuba River in the Sacramento River Basin, located in Yuba and Nevada Counties of California. Constructed for the storage of hydralic gold mining debris, Englebright Dam spans 1,142 feet (348m) across and is 260 feet (79m) high. The dam is in the steep Yuba[…]

Folsom Dam Turbidity Curtain Inspection

The Folsom Dam Spillway project is an approximately $900 million cooperative effort between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation that will help the Sacramento region achieve 200 year level of protection, meaning there will be a one in 200 chance for flooding in any given[…]

Bullards Bar Outlet Pipe and Valve Inspection

Pro-ROV Services was contracted by a local diving contractor for the Yuba City Water Authority to inspect the outlet pipe at the Bullard Bar Dam. Prior inspection required the pipe to be dewatered, a steep and dangerous climb for inspectors, but more importantly they could not see the surface of the outlet pipe and dam face.[…]

Newell Creek Dam Outlet Inspection

Pro-ROV Services was contracted by a local diving contractor to inspect over 1,600 linear feet of four different pipie diameters ranging from 24 to 36 inches. The inspection included Video, Sonar and Ultrasonic thickness (UT) measuring. Concern by the City of Santa Cruz was build-up of debris and rust tubercles inside the metal lined portion[…]

Oroville Afterbay Stop Log Inspection

Contracted by URS, Pro-ROV Services was asked to perform an inspection on one gate at the Oroville afterbay. During a previous raising and lowering of this gate, the gate had become hung up and slipped on one of two of the lifting points on the stop log.  Due to unforeseen and unknown currents, which proved to be[…]

Scotts Flat Resevoir and Dam

        Nevada Irrigation District contacted their local Commercial Diving Contractor who contracted with Pro-ROV Services to inspect the outlet tunnel at Scotts Reservoir and Dam. The rock tunnel diameter is 60-inches and approximately 750-feet long. Inspection included video and a pipe profiling sonar for imaging and measuring the inside of the tunnel.[…]

Thermalito Diversion Dam

  Pro-ROV Services was contracted by URS to perform an ROV inspection of the upstream surfaces of radial gates for Thermalito Diversion Dam (14 radial gates). The purpose of the inspections is to identify any evidence of distress, corrosion, or damage to the upstream faces of the skin plates, wire hoist ropes, and rope-gate connections[…]

Potable Reservoir Inspection

As standard practice dictates, the City of Poway is required to complete annual inspections on their 1 million gallon in ground potable water reservoir. In the past the city has used divers for the inspection which requires obvious access by a diver and all their equipment, along with a three (3) man dive team. While[…]

San Vicente Riser Inspection

October 2010: San Vicente Riser Pipe Inspections – San Diego, CA: Pro-ROV Services was contracted by Parsons Engineering and Allied Geotechnical to inspect two 24″ diameter 110 ft. long vertical dewatering riser pipes off a water main coming from the San Vicente Reservoir. This is a typical inspection procedure that entailed dropping a camera and[…]

Buchanan Dam Inspection

As part of overall inspection and evaluation of Buchanan Dam, TX, Pro-ROV Services was hired by engineering firm for inspection of corbels and arch structures of dam. Engineering firm of Freeze and Nichols was hired by the Lower Colorado River Authority for evaluation of various structures and systems on and within the dam.  Pro-ROV Services used a SeaBotix LBV 200L[…]

Walnut Creek Reservoir Inspection

City of Anaheim, Walnut Creek Reservoir – Anaheim, CA: The City contracted with Pro-ROV Services for inspection of outfall pipe and dam lining. Concerns were of quagga mussels and leaking at joints between old and new liners on dam. The results were conclusive and eye-opening as to the extent of quagga infestation inside the outfall[…]

Hydroelectric Plant Inspection, Lake Hodges

July 2009: Hydroelectric Plant Lake Hodges – San Diego, CA: For the past two years Archer-Western Contractors has been building the new Hydroelectric facility at Lake Hodges, CA in San Diego County, CA for the San Diego County Water Authority. In order to build the outlet pipe and trash rack that goes into Lake Hodges[…]

Quagga Mussel Inspection, Olivenhain Dam

June 2009: Quagga Mussel Inspection – San Diego, CA: Pro-ROV Services was contacted by the San Diego County Water Authority to investigate and video the appearance and possible growth of the quagga mussel infestation in the Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir in San Diego, CA. Unfortunately as many in the marine science and county municipalities know,[…]